5 Keys to choose a STEM TOY

With the vigorous development of the concept of STEM education, a large number of STEAM toys have been born accordingly, but parents are a little troubled. There are so many products. Everyone says that they are STEM. How can we tell what a STEAM toy is?

1. There is a theme that inspires children to "inquire"

"Theme" is a major feature of STEM toys. Users can at least explore one of the themes of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) from the product, and they can use this teaching aid The use of "cross-domain" to achieve the focus of learning while playing.


Toys that conform to the STEM concept usually do not have a "fixed gameplay". You may see a large box of scattered small parts, that is, use themes with loose material concepts, such as connectors, wheels, sticks, etc. You cannot learn how to play by just watching. This is the toy STEAM "low structure, open" features (open-ended) of!

In addition, from the outer packaging to the entity itself, most of the STEAM toys do not emphasize the gender of men and women. They usually have a neutral color and are matched with parts that can be played by boys and girls. It just so happens that "diversity and eclecticism" are also very important personal qualities in the 21st century. We hope to see that children in the future will not be restricted in certain industries because of their gender, right?

However, in order to encourage young girls to come into contact with STEAM toys, it is true that more and more manufacturers will create colors or themes that girls like, but the same purpose is to attract children to explore and play with STEAM brains.

3. Learn in playing

Usually when we play STEAM toys, we need to discuss and brainstorm with each other. You may "find the problem" and then think about how to "solve the problem". In the process, you will need to look back at the manual, check the information online, or discuss each step with your partners. And even the whole tear down and start over!

These processes are sufficient to cultivate children's social skills, cultivate the spirit of inquiry, and grow self-confidence and creativity. They are undoubtedly the most effective way for children to grow and learn.

4. Parents are friendly to use

According to the 2017 American Toy Association survey, 48% of parents would refuse to buy STEAM toys because they are worried that they don’t know how to teach their children to play. Another 75% of parents think that STEAM play aids should be designed for parents “Play guide".

5.cultivate beauty and creativity

Science students explore principles, while art students create new things! This is why STEAM wants to add Art elements. In the future, children will not only dig into the phenomenon, but also look forward to using the principles to create!

However, creation requires the blessing of beauty, so many STEAM toys will color, match colors, or assemble the beauty of craftsmanship for children themselves, so it is really possible to cultivate beauty from toys!

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