Tactbit at the 2021 Hong Kong Book Fair

Tactbit was at the 2021 Hong Kong Book Fair last week. (14/7 - 20/7/2021).

Hong Kong book fair

Many customers have purchased our electronic cubes and also enrolled in our lessons provided in TST east and Tuen Mun Trend plaza. 

The cubes will help to ignite the electronic talents of young scientists thru hands on problems solving playing with the cubes. They have to find answers for themselves: 

1. How the cubes transfer power?
2. Why the white cubes easily change from white to multicolored light by simple twisting of the cube?
3. Why the cubes can evade the basic N/S piles of magnets principles and keep attracting each other’s?
5. How can all the cubes light up on my creations?
6. What sound should I record on the recorder cube to make my creations alive?


There are still lots more questions waiting for kids to explore and answer.
We hope that Tactbit electronic cubes can ignite the inner talent of kids.
Have fun!

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