Winner of HKSDA 2020

Product Name:
Tactbit electronic building cubes

Applicant Company:
sharper innovations limited


Product Group:
Kick-start Project


 More Detail

-Each cube contains 2 LED lights and loaded with snappy magnets.
-The smooth magnetic planes make building easy
-Snap on the power cube to activate fun features: (1) light up the cubes; (2) Play music; (3) Record
-Wheel Cubes and Sound Cubes create endless opportunities for invention!
-Twist the power cube can change other cubes light color.
-We are developing more functions that can add to the cubes, such as remote control and programming!

-Tactbit Learning Cubes are the world's first magnetic, light up STEAM blocks.
-Tactbit Cubes are entirely STEM/STEAM-centric. We want to bring excitement and confidence to STEM/STEAM from the youngest ages right through early elementary
-Tactbit Cubes is passed the safety test that approved they can be played for age1+. Compare to other toy bricks in the market, such as Lego and Gudi, Tactbit Cubes are more popularized.
-Tactbit Cubes' smooth magnetic planes make building easy, all we do is stick the magnetic cubes together to build. They are perfect for toddlers and the elderly.
-Tactbit Cubes feature a unique patented design that allows for a fully rotatable magnetic and electronic connection between each cube.