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Amazon Customer - Jacqueline

"This is a great STEAM activity for Grade 3 and up. Easy to use. Easy to charge. Charge lasts a long time. I would suggest investing in 2 sets. It is worth it!"

 Amazon Customer - Heidi Goldsmith

"These cubes are awesome! I have 2 sets in my Pre-K classroom and they are a hit with my students. They would play with these for hours if I let them. They are magnetic, which my kids love and they light up! I have two kids of my own (a 10 and 7 year old) and they come into my classroom after school and get these cubes out immediately. These keep kids and adults of all ages engaged and the creations they come up with are amazing! I would highly recommend for a family or classroom of any age!"

Amazon Customer - C.G.

"This product brings out the creative juices and allows me to join my young son being creative, building all sorts of things. Since it comes with wheels, we can build cars, buildings,etc. The lights add another cool feature and the magnets are strong to keep whatever we build together as long as we would like. I am especially happy as it gets them off of screens too and allows them to think creatively while secretly learning about STEM and they don't even realize!"

Amazon Customer - Rebecca Lukens


Amazon Customer - 娜娜


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