History of Invention

1. What inspired you to come up with this project? 

My final thesis during my three-year industrial design program at Fanshawe College, London Ontario Canada in 1978 was about “ The evolution of evergreen toys“.  Besides many sheet metal toys, lots of wooden toys including wooden blocks then evolved into the molded plastic Lego bricks. The Lego Bricks has been on the market for over 60 years and Lego bricks have been the world’s number one toy Brand since 2014. In recent industry reports also confirmed the construction toy’s market size is still growing yet it’s lacking good designs for consumers to choose from. It’s my goal to fill this void and add a new chapter to my thesis. 

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2. What were your motives, thoughts etc? 

I have been practicing product design and engineering for over 40 years. I have involved in many product categories including personal care appliances, Cooking appliances, automotive accessory products, gift and novelty items, flashlights, Air purification products, cordless phones, Motorola-Codex Institution modems, and Amex Electric credit card imprinter, etc. it’s time for me to invent an Evergreen toy that can help to ignite the inner talents of toddlers and young scientists. 

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3. Where did you get the inspiration for this design or project? 


I love playing with Lego bricks since I was young which helped me to excel in design discipline. I do noticed that young girls are least attracted to playing with those bricks. I am a father or three daughters and one of them is now an engineer, one in medical field and another in marketing. Now I have three granddaughters and I hope to create an evergreen toy that is easy, fulfilling and motivating to play with not just for boys but also for girls. 


children education


 4. What is the technical or research background? 

The design evolved from the Tetris light that I designed as an ODM project for my UK customer. 

My concept was chosen among five other ODM manufacturers. The Tetris light design requires the seven blocks to be able to light up regardless how the blocks are stacked against each other. My design involves two conductive frames on each face of the blocks which connected to the LED inside each translucent block. The long shaped block is the power block that connects to a USB cable. The lights has been a hot seller in past years since 2012 Chrismas’ sold out sales in UK. The Tetris light design do have some shortcomings: 

a. unstable connection: as the blocks were connected to each other by gravity only. Power connection is somewhat unstable and blocks may fall off easily. 

b. If the blocks are placed in cross style, it shorts the circuit and lights out. 


5. What are the new improvements and features on new design?



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​5. What are the new improvements and features on new design?

The new electronic cubes has overcome all the issues above and the design in 4cm cube shape with high power magnets plus patented rotatable connector frames plus wheels, music and recorder functional cubes etc.  There are a lot more function cubes on drawing boards to be added to the electronic cubes to enrich much more on STEAM education framework. Programmable cube is also on our agenda. 



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6. How would the new design benefit consumers.

These electronic cubes have been tested and approved by Intertek lab for use by age 1 and up. The cubes will provide all aspects of STEAM education through playgroup lessons. 

It’s easy to construct a nice looking design as well as easy to deconstruct and build another new creation. Easy to clear the cubes away and light them up as Decor lighting or night light in living room or bedroom as well. The Electronic cubes will become a great alternative to other STEAM toys on the market now.




 stem education


7. Are you pleased with your inventions?

The cubes will surely help toddlers to win at age 1 electronic starting line. These electronic cubes are also great for special needs children. One of our Amazon customers commented the cubes are the best toy ever played by his autistic child continuously for hours. Another customer said these cubes are great and worth every penny that he’s paid.  Furthermore, these cubes are perfect for seniors to improve on hand coordination, logical thinking, socializing, and as well an easy way to showcase their creativity with their weekly new designs to peers and grandchildren. 

 stem education

8. What are your plans for coming years?

I’m at retirement age and very pleased with this simple electronic creation. Hopefully, I can semi-retire in a year or so.  

I do need more people to know about this unique evergreen toy so that every kid has the opportunity to have their inner talents ignited by the cubes to become the next great scientist.  


We’ll introduce STEAM lessons utilizing the electronic cubes. The lessons will encourage children to explore the STEAM functions and learn about basic electronics, electric current, lighting, colors, magnetism, motion, sound, motion sensor and recording, chemical electroplating on a plastic frame, engineering, and math on building and bridge construction, etc.  I’d appreciate that more users can upload their comments and photos and video to Amazon reviews or our Facebook page. Suggestions and recommendations on improvements are most welcome.

ck is the power block that connects to a USB cable. The lights has been a hot seller in past years since 2012 Chrismas’ sold out sales in UK. The Tetris light design do have some shortcomings: