Toy Building Blocks Comparison

Toy building blocks are one of the best STEM toys for kids. They can train up kids' creativity and spatial reasoning ability. However, there are so many brands of toy building blocks in the market. This article will tell you the pros and cons of different toy building blocks for your kids and which one should be your first priority STEM toys.

Let's compare Tactbit Cubes with Magnatiles, Lego and Light Stax


Firstly, the designs of Tactbit Cubes are more user-friendly than the other three brands. Unlike Magnatiles, the solid 3D shape and the magnets ensure the cubes are easy to be tidied up and you wouldn’t miss the pieces easily.  Also the size of Tactbit Cubes are bigger so that kids can’t swallow them. 

Secondly, Tactbit Cubes contain more electronic functions. We have Dual light systems that Magnatiles and Lego don't. We have the wheels and Light Stax doesn’t. The most unique is that we got the music & recorder add-on. 

Thirdly, Tactbit cubes are magnetic, which are different from Lego and Light Stax. Kids can snap and build and are also easy for them to tear them down. They don’t need to take much strength to separate the cubes.

Last but not least, Tactbit cubes are suitable for STEM learning. Tactbit Cubes contain STEM sensor add-on and STEM Learning modules. 

To conclude, Tactbit Cubes are relatively more comprehensive toy building blocks for STEM.

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